FREE NOW – FEEL FREE (New Spot I worked on) 2023

The first advertisement using the animation technique created entirely in CGI.
With a stop-motion animation aesthetic, 3D body scans of actors cast for the film, are the digital characters featured in the film’s world. The result is a visual feast where the energy and diversity of each layer captures the feeling of a bustling and vibrant city.



Advertiser FREENOW
Client Credit Grae Barnes, VP Brand and Communications, FREENOW
Claire Walsh, Global Head of Brand and Content, FREENOW
Klaus Cordeiro, Head of Design, FREENOW

Creative Agency BMB
Production Electric Theatre Collective
Chief Creative Officer Matt Lever
Creative Directors Will Marsden & Jordan Down
Creatives Jack Snell & Joe Lovett
Chief Strategy Officer David Bain
Managing Director at BMB Claudia Wallace
Business Director Matt Bonny
Account Director Lily Gray
Account Manager Amber Van de Sande
Planner Amy Bowker
Head of Design Ted Smith
Designer Sam Peele
Creative Producer Sofi Andersson & Elena​​ Frischknecht
TV Producer Pete Thornton & Clancie Brennan

Production credits ETC
Animation Production Electric Studios
Post Production Company Electric Theatre Collective
Film Director Dean Robinson
Production Producer Alasdair Patrick
Production Coordinator Tasha Beddoe
Colourist Connor Coolbear
VFX Sup David Filipe, Fabrice Fireni, Tobin Brett
VFX Leads Jack Powell, Will Medcalf, Matteo La Motta, Scott Ryan, Nikolai Maderthoner

VFX Artists : Adrian Teoh, Alberto Pizzocchero, Alex Snookes, Amy Smith, Arthur Ranson, Aurelien Ronceray-Peslin, Bibin Panackal, Charlie Humphrey, Christian Block, Constantin Von Zitzewitz, David Filipe, Elliott Holland-Crouch, Florian Mounie, Fred Austin, George Gough, Gererd Murphy, Gianluca Fratellini, Han Park, Hendrik Freuer, Iain Murray, Jack Powell, Jochem Aarts , Joseph Allerton, Joseph Dowling, Ogi Vukovic, Oliver Metz, Patrick Krafft, Rich Roberts, Robert Reinsched, Rodrigo Torres, Sarah Crux, Tom Harrison, Ulysses Popple, Yousef Grierson, Ysabel King, Zach Pindolia.

Media The7Stars (UK)

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